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 The Basics  
We meet monthly on the 1st Wednesday of each month (year-round) at Sarasota Middle School. For details and driving map click Meetings at the top of this page.

We conduct Forums during our monthly meeting time.  Forums are basically Q&A
For details click Forums at the top of this page.

We hold a variety of classes throughout the month at two locations and times. For details click  Education at the top of this page.

Membership is open to individuals, families and students who wish to learn or improve their technology skills.  You may join by mail, online or in person at the monthly meeting.  For details click Membership at the top of this page.

We publish a fully-digital newsletter each month via electronic means.  Member may read online, download and read locally and print pages of interest or the entire publication!  For details click on Publications at the top of this page.

 Member Help 
We have a team of skilled volunteers who are willing to provide minor assistance with questions and problem-solving.  Volunteers are not paid and do not make on-site visits.  They may however, if requested, suggest the name of professionals who do. For details click Member Help at the top of this page.

 Refurb Group 
Another group of skilled volunteers accept donations of computers which are repaired, updated and returned to the community via several programs. For details, click Refurb at the top of this page.

 Tips 'N Tricks  (TNT)
A large collection of tips, tricks, ideas and suggestions to make your technology experience more fun, interesting and productive.  For details click TNT at the top of this page.

We're always looking for energetic people who want to help for a few hours a month.  (It's one of the best ways to learn!)
For details click Volunteers at the top of this page. 
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